Monday, March 23, 2009

a concept car for the year 2020

I think this car is creative because the part of the car design is very interesting. We can look the body design are fully aerodynamic shape.Besides that, pattern the rim tyres is very different than other the pattern now.

creative and inovation

my comment:

I think this advertisement is creative because it has a sense of humor and a message. When I watch starting part this advertisement, I really don’t know what a message will broadcast and it make me want to watch until it end. In that advertisement, stories a woman drive a car through dark area road and suddenly she was flue and try finding a tissue at behind seat but the tissue wasn’t found. While she tries to find, someone give the tissue from behind and she take the tissue. After that she realized that she drives alone and when looked behind she saw ghost and suddenly surprise. She screams and stopped the car immediately caused the ghost make her scary. While she stopped the car the ghost are jumping out from the car. After that the girl run away and mother come to ghost and scold because not wearing seat belt. Normally safety advertisement will broadcast car accident police control the traffic and advice from top celebrity. But to me this advertisement is different than other advertisement because used the ghost as actor to give the message about important wearing seat belt.

thank you.

Ahmadul Waffa bin Nordin